Great start to the year for major Bosnian companies


Leading BiH companies have had an excellent start of the year, which is a great indicator that this year could be good for BiH economy.

As expected, the focus is on metals and food industry, furniture manufacturing, retail and tourism. These branches achieved the best results in 2017, and the trend continued this year.

The key event from the beginning of this year was Prevent's acquisition of the German firm Neue Halberg-Guss GmbH, which made the Bosnian company one of the most serious European manufacturers of automotive industry parts.

It should be added that at the same time Prevent is expanding its production in several locations in BiH in many sectors, and opening large number of new jobs.

Another key event in January was the takeover of the third part of Agrokomerc by the AS Group, which recovers production in this food producer, once one of the biggest in Bosnia.

When it comes to retail, the biggest breakthrough in January was made by Robot, which started a major investment cycle. This Bosnian chain intends to open up to 30 new centers throughout BiH.

Bosnian retail chains have taken over the majority market share earlier. This trend has continued this year because domestic companies are expanding faster than the foreign ones.

This segment is particularly important because BiH chains have many more local products, so many local producers feel the benefit.

Other companies that have announced new jobs or expansion of production are Sinkro (furniture), MS&Wood (furniture), FEAL (aluminum), Steelmin Jajce (smelter), Padjeni (dairy) etc.