Unicredit the most profitable bank in Bosnia


Last year was a good year for the banking sector in BiH, and many banks increased their income and profit.

As BiznisInfo has learned, UniCredit Bank Mostar was the biggest earner in Bosnia and Herzegovina last year. This bank had a profit after tax of 89.5 million KM.

Thus it placed itself before its biggest competitor, Raiffeisen Bank Sarajevo, which had a profit after tax of 38 million Euros, or around 75 million KM.

These two banks have been dominating in Bosnia for many years, although several other players are increasingly pushing the market.

Net interest income of UniCredit Bank last year amounted to 162.6 million KM, and net fee and commission income was 75.4 million KM.

When it comes to Raiffeisen Bank Sarajevo, net interest income amounted to 67 million Euros (130 million KM), while net fee and commission income amounted to 39 million Euros  (approximately 76 million KM).

When it comes to Republika Srpska, the most profitable last year was NLB bank, which has earned 45 million KM.