Bosnian company signs news contract with Schaeffler Group


ATT company from Gornji Vakuf, engaged in metalworking, signed contracts early this year with four new customers, company director Adnan Telalovic told BiznisInfo.

These are companies from Germany, from which ATT already received annual orders.

– One buyer is distinguished by the scope of work and the value of contract. The significance of this contract is proved by the fact that this year we are investing more than 2 million KM in this project – says Telalovic.

It is a serial production and a long-term project with the company SCHAEFFLER GROUP, whose members are FAG, LUK, INA, and CONTINENTAL.

– This project will bring us growth of around 25 percent in 2018, while full capacity will be felt in 2019, when we planned growth in revenues of approximately 38 percent. When we analyze everything, we can say that this is a huge project, a brand new factory and the direction that will be the foundation of the development of our region – Telalovic points out.

One of the companies they cooperate with is Volkswagen.