Violeta products among most popular in Croatia


The products of Violeta company from Grude, BiH, are among the most popular in Croatia in several categories, according to big annual selection by RTL’s website ž

Readers had the opportunity to choose the best products on the Croatian market in 2017.

The products are divided into 27 categories and cover most of the consumer products, while the competition solely comprises new or redesigned products.

Violeta’s Water care baby wet wipes with 99% water top the list in the category “Children's Cosmetics and Hygiene”. They were found before the products of companies such as Pampers, La Roche, Johnson&Johnson …

Violeta’s pads are second in the category “Hygiene Products”. Their popularity is confirmed by the fact that they come before Always pads.

Teta Violeta Paradise laundry softener also took second place in the category of household products, before Lenor and Silan products.