Bosnian company delivers packaging for Aldi


The company ADV PAX Lutec, an export-oriented manufacturer of cans and packaging based in Maglaj, has successfully delivered the first range of products to the EU buyer, the German retail giant Aldi.

Company ADV PAX Lutec was launched in Maglaj in 2017 with the support of the European Union and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in BiH.

The total investment value amounted to 800,000 KM, and the test production began in August 2017.

The company currently employs 42 workers and is planning to expand further over the next two years, creating up to 150 new jobs in Maglaj.

The main activity of ADV PAX Lutec is production of innovative packaging and cans for customers from various sectors such as food, retail, automotive and the like.

Together with its parent company ADV PAX Lutec GmbH, owned by Edin and Elzina Kukavica, it represents one of the leading German manufacturers and suppliers of packaging and cans.

The company will work with renowned European and global customers such as Nestle, Dr. Oetker, Dallmayr, Lambertz, Lindt, Heilemann Confiserie, Rausch, Bosch and Siemens.