World boxing champion Felix Sturm to open factory in Sarajevo


Adnan Catic, best known as Felix Sturm, boxing star, WBA super-middleweight champion, arrived yesterday in Sarajevo with his family.

Sturm, who was born in Germany, always proudly points out that he is first of all a Bosnian, and that he feels best in the country of his roots.

He plans to spend next few months Bosnia and Herzegovina, to rest and to have a good time with his family and friends. He said he plans to open a factory of biscuits and energy drinks “Heavy 1” in Sarajevo.

„Everyone in the world knows Sarajevo and every year there is a significant improvement in the city. People from all over the world come to enjoy the beauty of the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. My business would be based on the promotion of energy drinks Heavy 1 in the Balkans, and then in the Arab world. I already have offers from Qatar and Saudi Arabia,“ said Catic.