VW withdraws 10,000 vehicles from BiH


The Volkswagen seems to be unable to settle the crisis that has been shaking the company for a year. What’s even worse, last week the company announced that American and German investigators are also examining some models of Audi, which is one of the VW brand, on suspicion that they were using a newer version of the program for cheating on emissions tests.

There are Volkswagen models with software error on the roads throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina as well. Omer Kozadra from Porsche BH told Faktor website that this is around 10,000 cars.

– These are Seat, Skoda, Audi and Volkswagen models. Most of the cars are VW – said Kozadra.

The withdrawal of these models from the market is already underway and is done gradually. It is carried out in a way that parent companies send chassis numbers to representative in BiH, of those vehicles to be sent for servicing. Representative calls owners to bring their cars to the nearest service center.

– All the work, in cooperation with our 35 partners across the country, is planned to be completed by late 2017 – said Kozadra.