Seselj to visit Sarajevo and trigger new tensions


SRS leader Vojislav Seselj applied for a passport today in Belgrade and announced that his first destination will be Zagreb, and then he intends to travel to Sarajevo to “see paths of his childhood.”

SRS leader said that he plans to tour the entire Republika Srpska where he intends “to join the election campaign”.

Commenting on the ban on entry to Kosovo, which has been issued by Kosovo’s Minister of Internal Affairs, Seselj noted that probably there was information that he has “excellent internal organs”.

Seselj is planning to visit Zagreb, even though the Croatian Ministry of Internal Affairs banned him from entering the country in the next 20 years.

Tensions in the Western Balkans are rising after Court in The Hague acquitted Seselj, one of the main figures of Serbian politics in 1990s, of all war crime charges.