Mira biscuit company increases revenues by 1.2 million KM


Mira company from Prijedor increased its revenues last year by more than one million KM, i.e. to 22.9 million KM, compared to 21.7 in the previous year, reports BiznisInfo based on the financial report of the company.

The net profit was around 1.23 million KM, which is an increase compared to 1.17 million from 2016.

Operating expenses last year were 21.3 million KM, compared to around 20 million in 2016.

The firm employs 380 workers and is a member of the Croatian Kras Group.

Mira produces biscuits and related products (tea biscuits, waffles).

The products are exported to Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and France, as well as the overseas – America, Canada and Australia.