Ivanic calls Russian investments into Bosnia and Herzegovina ‘exceptionally important’


Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is implementing a range of interesting projects in cooperation in Russia, Chairman of the Presidium [collective management authority]of B&H Mladen Ivanic told TASS in an exclusive interview on Monday.

“A range of particularly interesting projects is currently implemented in the economy sphere. One of them is Russian investments into an oil refinery in Brod and an engine oils plant in Modric. These are exceptionally important investments,” the official said.

Import of vegetables and fruit is another area where “Moscow demonstrated a very high level of understanding of interests of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Ivanic said.

“We see indeed positive and meaningful results in this sphere also. This is very helpful for our producers, especially farmers specializing in fruits. The Russian market is large and we indeed manage to do a lot there,” he added.

“I think we have sufficient potential to boost cooperation, taking into account in the first instance that we perceive Russia as a country that is friendly to us,” Ivanic said.