Italian shoe manufacturer Olip to open factory in Donji Vakuf


The Italian shoe production company Olip will open a plant in Donji Vakuf by summer, where 300 jobs should be opened, Mayor of this municipality Huso Susic told BiznisInfo.

Besides Olip, investment by the company Bosnaplod is expected, which will open a cold storage in this town for 2,000 tons of berries. This investment should also lead to new employment.

This will continue the positive momentum that Donji Vakuf has recorded in recent years. This town was an example of underdevelopment till a few years ago, and now it is becoming a local community that is increasingly attractive to investors.

Recently, new plants have been opened in the Janj industrial zone. In addition to production, investments have also come in the retail sector, so the retail chain Bingo will open its first center in this town on 3,000 square meters on Friday.

Susic says there is now a great interest in investing in Donji Vakuf.