Foca: French adventurists amazed by Sutjeska

Travelling through Europe, 200 French tourists in 65 Peugeot 205s paid a visit to Foca where the local tourism association welcomed them with home-made kebabs and a concert by the rock band Paranoid.
French students, members of Europ’Raid, who discover landmarks of the countries they go through, arrived in Foca late on Friday and spent the night in tents in the stadium in Donje Polje. On Saturday they will hit the famous Jaz Beach in Budva, Montenegro.
The French students started the journey on July 30 and plan to see 20 countries in 23 days.
“You can’t imagine how fun it is to travel through our continent and what beautiful things you can see,” said Almeau Dicoret, a member of Europ’Raid.
The young French came to Foca after spending some time in Croatia; a pass through the Sutjeska National Park impressed them the most.
“Going through the Sutjeska canyon was a wonderful experience. We loved the scenery very much and all who took part in the ride enjoyed it. We will definitely recommend our friends back in France to come and see this,” said one of the students.
The young adventurists are taking the long journey on Peugeot 205s, a car that the French are passionate about.
“It’s a cheap and robust automobile that sells in France the most. This is our way of paying tribute to the company,” said one of the drivers.
Foca Tourism Association director Ljeposava Djajic has said that the fact the group is travelling through 20 countries and have spent one night in Foca lends significance to the destinations in Foca.
“Even though they couldn’t see much, they went through the Sutjeska National Park and we hope they will bring the nicest memories from Foca,” she said.
The French tourists continued their Ride through Europe on Saturday morning, but not before cleaning up the site they camped in.