Festival in Zenica among 10 unique spring traditions from around the world


“Festival of Scrambled Eggs” which is organized every year in Bosnian city of Zenica is among world best known spring traditions, according to AccuWeather.com.

AccuWeather.com published article about 10 unique spring traditions from around the world.

Around the world, people celebrate the end of the dismal winter weather with unique festivals and traditions. Some date back thousands of years and others are relatively new. From exploding snowmen to flower festivals, check out how cultures around the world celebrate the start of the spring season.

When it comes to Zenica, article goes:

„Thousands congregate in Zenica, Bosnia, for the Festival of Scrambled Eggs every March as spring begins. The focus is on the egg, a symbol of new life, as the new season starts. Mass amounts of scambled eggs are cooked in huge pots and then handed out for free. The tradition dates back a few hundred years and attracts visitors from around the country“.

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