Bosnia's Aluminij mulls partnership with Qatar's Hamdo Group


Bosnian aluminum smelter Aluminij said on Thursday it may partner with Qatar's Hamdo Group, a metal industry giant, on several projects, including the launch of a new manufacturing facility in the vicinity of Aluminij's existing plant.

Aluminij's new director Mario Gadzic met with Hamdo representatives in Mostar where they discussed possible scenarios for a future partnership, the Bosnian company said in a statement.

“Hamdo is a welcome partner with whom we have discussed possible cooperation in opening a new manufacturing facility in the vicinity of Aluminij or purchasing some smaller lines for the production of finished products or semi-finished products in an industry that would pay off quickly,” Gadzic is quoted as saying in the release. 

Aluminij and Hamdo are also discussed the possibility of building a petroleum-fired power plant for electricity generation.

Besides Qatar, Hamdo has offices in Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Libya.