Bosnian court jails 7 people for joining terrorist organizations in Syria


BiH Court sentenced seven Bosnians to 12 years and five months in jail for joining terrorist organizations in Syria, in the case known as “Enes Mesic and others”.

Mesic was sentenced to three years in prison, Adem Karamuja to two, Mirza Kapic to one year and ten months, Jasmin Jasarevic and Salko Imamović to one year and four months, Ibro Delic to one year and 10 months, and Samir Hadzalic to one year in prison.

Trial Chamber Chairman Mirsad Strika said that the State Prosecution proved beyond doubt that, in 2013 and 2014, defendants joined the organizations that the United Nations (UN) declared as „terrorist“.

– Court found that the defendants fled BiH and illegal crossed borders of Turkey and Syria, where they joined the local organizations. Their intention was to fight against the regime of Bashar Al Assad – said Strika.