Islamists shooting and burning Serbian flags


SRNA – A video footage depicting two masked men in the woods burning the flags of Serbia was posted online on the social networks.

In the video, right behind the Islamists, there is a flag with an inscription in Arabic, as well as the war flag of the BiH Army. The masked men hold rifles in their hands, and at one point, a gunshot can be heard.

In the background, a song titled “Tigers of Bosnia” is chanted, the text of which reads as follows:

“A smell is spreading in Bosnia, there's no country more beautiful anywhere, be brave my Bosnia, the enemy is once again preparing injustices. Brothers’ message to everyone, we won't give you to the enemy, we are coming from all sides to trample on your enemy.”

The text also states that “a nation is peaceful” while being slashed with ‘the enemy's swords.”

“Strengthen us, my Allah, we are faithful to Resulullah, brothers ready like tigers, my Bosnia all you have to do is call, we are all ready for the tekbirs (calls of “Allahu Akbar”), for our hearts to calm down with ezans (adhans, Islamic call to worship) from minarets, we are coming from the end of the world,” are the lyrics of the song.